• A.W Jenkinson Forestry Woodcycle

    A.W. Jenkinson Woodcycle

    This image shows the production cycle of A.W. Jenkinson from Hardwood or Softwood, any species, all grades; A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products makes use of every part of the tree and is involved in the whole Wood Life Cycle from seedlings to wood products; from skip to recycled board products and low-carbon energy.

  • A.W Jenkinson Woodwaste Doppstadt Arrival

    Delivery of Our new Doppstadt Shredder

    Delivery of our new Doppstadt shredder to one of our sites by a AWJ low loader truck. We are always looking for ways to improve our recycling facilities.

  • A.W Jenkinson Woodchip Production

    Chip coming off our conveyor belt

    As you can see two separate distribution conveyor belts. One is for chip and the other one behind is for bedding. They both go over a magnetised belts removing all metals.

  • A.W Jenkinson Woodwaste Compost Wind Rows

    An overview of AWJ Hespin wood

    The overview of Hespin Wood shows you the preparation of our compost and the AWJ vehicles preparing for loading, to distribute to various locations.

  • A.W Jenkinson Woodwaste Shovel Loading Woodfibre Bedding

    Loading a cattle bedding delivery

    One of our Volvo Shovels loading a AWJ waking floor truck with bulk cattle bedding approximately 25 tonnes of bedding

  • A.W Jenkinson Woodwaste Shovel Loading Woodfibre Bedding

    AWJ Woodwaste Bo'Ness

    Our AWJ Woodwaste Head office & Production site. Our wagons waiting to be loaded on Monday morning.

A.W. Jenkinson Woodwaste

A.W. Jenkinson Woodwaste Limited operates facilities in Carlisle, Glasgow, East Scotland and Bo’ness near Grangemouth.

The Company operations are centred on the recycling of waste wood as well as green waste, which is composted at Hespin Wood. This busy site just north of Carlisle is one of several green recycling facilities currently operating within the wider A.W. Jenkinson Group. Located close to large urban centres, these facilities collect and process household and commercial green waste and wood waste, to produce high-grade compost and recycled wood fibre for use in panelboard mills and as an effective biomass fuel for power generation.

Site Locations:

A.W Jenkinson Woodwaste Company Locations

We as a Company are the largest timber recycler in Scotland. We reprocess on average 5000 tonnes of timber products per week.